• 40+ API's Development
  • 10K MT Proposed Capacity
  • 30+ Operational Countries
  • 60+ Year of Experience
  • 4K+ No. of Clients
  • 8 No. of Patents

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West Bengal Chemical Industries Limited, or WBCIL is a globally recognized as one of the major chemical manufacturing companies in India that provides quality APIs, fine chemical products, specialty mineral chelates used in pharmaceutical, nutritional supplements, animal nutrition. WBCIL adapting to the changing needs of the global market, WBCIL’s quality products are designed to accentuate optimum performance in pharmaceutical applications. WBCIL has an extensive portfolio that includes Iron, Magnesium, Copper, Potassium, and Zinc salts, Calcium. WBCIL also supplies trace elements like Chromium, Manganese, and Cobalt. WBCIL is pioneer in Ascorbate, Acetate, Phosphate, Propionate, Citrate, Gluconate, Aspartate, Bisglycinate, Malat and other anions as well. WBCIL also manufactures Liposomal iron.

West Bengal Chemicals Industries Limited

WBCIL Manufacturing Category

API, Fine Chemicals & Nutraceuticals
API, Fine Chemicals

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) refer to a combination of substances utilized in the production of finalized drug formulations.

Premix & DC Grade
Premix & DC Grade

DC Grade (Direct Compressible Grade) is a cost-effective manufacturing process where the constituents of a dry powder are compressed directly without the need for pre-granulation, resulting in the formation of a tablet.

Chelated Minerals
Chelated Minerals

Chelating agents, often organic compounds or amino acids, are commonly utilized to bind minerals, preventing them from interacting with other compounds and facilitating their rapid absorption.

Veterinarian in protective clothes holding bottle with medicine at pig farm.
Animal Nutrition

The primary focus of animal nutrition in agriculture and livestock is to address the dietary nutritional requirements. This includes providing macronutrients, essential sources of energy and structural materials.

Our Product List

West Bengal Chemical Industries Limited (cGMP, ISO and HACCP certified) is one of the world’s major manufacturers of API over 60 years of Manufacturing Experience combined with an innovative spirit and high flexibility for pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, food and animal nutrition.
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WBCIL - Manufacturing Facility

Manufacturing Facility

Our plant has a proposed capacity of 1500MT per annumof various Chemicals and APIs is expected to increase to 6000 MT by 2023 at its new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Dahej, Gujarat, India.

WBCIL - Quality Control

Quality Control

The production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) of superior quality is conducted in adherence to international standards such as WHO.

WBCIL - Global Presence

Global Presence

Our product portfolio enjoys strong demand in India, as well as in countries like Japan, Germany, MENA region, UK, Australia, and Italy.

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